Top 4 Gift Ideas For A Transsexual escort

While receiving gifts is definitely much better than giving them, sometimes it is nice to do so when you are going out with a transsexual escort for a longer time. Of course, you shouldn’t give gifts to a transsexual escort right away, but after you go on a couple of dates, or after you sleep together a few times, giving gifts will definitely increase the connection between you two. While developing feelings is never a good idea with a transsexual escort, strengthening the bond between you two will certainly improve the quality of your lovemaking session. With that said, here are some gifts that you could give to a transsexual escort.

Sex toys

Something that every escort is going to appreciate after you meet her a few times as a gift is definitely a sex toy. By the time you decide to gift her a sex toy, you will probably know all the things she likes in the bedroom. If she likes it hard, you will go for a sex toy that is bigger, and if she likes to get teased for a bit before you get to fuck her, a buttplug is the perfect toy. Today’s sex shops have quite a big variety of sex toys, so finding one for your escort should be a breeze.


Everyone likes to be gifted a nice bottle of wine, and a trans escort is definitely not different. Of course, you should consider the type of wine your escort enjoys the most, and the best way to find out is to go on a couple of dates before you purchase wine as a gift. Naturally, if you go for a bottle of higher quality, usually anyone would appreciate such a gift.


Another universal gift that you cannot go wrong with is chocolate. Since it comes in all kinds of forms, discovering what type of chocolate your trans escort is into the most can improve the quality of the gift. One thing that I advise about chocolate, is to get one without any kind of nuts, as you can never know when someone is allergic to them.


Now, a gift that works both for you and the escort is definitely the perfect one, and lingerie fits that description the best. If you really want to see her in some specific lingerie that you have fantasized for a while, the best way to get her to do that is to give it as a gift.

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